Sustainable solutions

We'll go the extra mile to create sustainable solutions with a good indoor climate, when we advice clients and design buildings, systems and installations

In the planning and design of new buildings, installations, systems and infrastructure plus retrofits, Balslev does not only take into account today's requirements. We stretch ourselves to ensure that the design contains the necessary flexibility to meet future demands which undoubtedly will be increased from political level, e.g concerning:

  • Sustainability
  • Energy effectiveness including energy recovery and recycling
  • Environmentally hazardeous or poisonous substances
  • Recyclablility at the end of service/lifetime. 

Industrial and administration buildings plus public institutions consume vast amounts of energy. And employees and others need comfortable and healthy surroundings in order to maintain a safe and effective working environment with a comfortable indoor climate. This results in significant costs associated with lighting, ventilation, heating and cooling - particulary if the systems are redundant energy absorbers or are incorrectly adjusted to the actual needs. In any project we therefore always consider energy optimisation just as we, whenever possible, recommend low energy solutions. And when we carry out energy labelling, we typically identify opportunities for significant savings - time and time again. 

Intelligent solutions for low energy consumption and less CO2 emissions

Through the intelligent application of present and future technologies there are numerous possibilities to meet the agreed requirements while at the same time reduce the costs for the expensive and increasingly scarce energy resources - not to mention reducing CO2 emissions.

One way to achieve these goals is to apply intelligent building management systems, which control and adjust the use of light, heating, ventilation etc. according to the actual needs - no more no less - with the help of e.g. daylight and movement censors.



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