Building Installations

Mange offentlige og private bygherrer bruger Balslev som rådgiver ved nybyggeri, ombygning og renovering

Many public and private developers use Balslev as consultants who meet their functional and sustainability requirements for new construction, modifications or a renovation.

Every day people move around in different types of buildings. Every building has been initiated by a developer who has had certain desires for its function and also very often to the aesthetic experience of it.

At Balslev, we co-operate on a daily basis with many private and public developers. With our broad knowledge of all the related engineering disciplines we contribute to the building meeting the functional, energy and sustainability requirements and desires that have been defined for each individual building - both by the developer and regulations.

Most people in our part of the world spend a lot of time indoor. This naturally places big demands on the layout of the buildings we move around in. And buildings which have special functions, like for e.g. schools, hospitals and production plants, there are a lot of extra requirements and considerations involved.

Balslev handles both consulting for the developer and project engineering, which we adapt to the individual customer's needs. We distinguish between 2 types of buildings, which are described in more detail in these sections:

  • Building for private businesses and manufacturers
  • Public properties

In addition, we handle a number of assignments in relation to blocks of flats and town houses for private home-owner associations and public housing associations.

Mogens Thrane

Chief Consultant

T +45 7217 7432



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