Widex's CO2 neutral headquarters

Ceilings with low-energy light, sprinkler and ventilation without draught
All building sections have light decoations in different colours
Control system for collection and distribution of power from solar cells
Advanced access control in all building sections
Heat recovery is based on geothermal heat and ground-water cooling
The power supply includes high voltage and a diesel generator

Widex chose Balslev as engineering partner as we possess the many technical competencies necessary to help fulfil their request for a high-tech, environmentally friendly, CO2 neutral headquarters

In order to meet the need for more space, Widex, one of the world's leading producers of digital hearing aids, built a new head office in Allerød North of Copenhagen, Denmark. The ambition was to get a completely CO2 neutral contribution to the local environment using a unique combination of green technologies. 600 of the company's employees, working with development, manufacturing, administration and sales, moved into the new, circular 36,000 m2 building.

Balslev contributed with consulting, design and specification for a number of innovative solutions e.g.:

  • Geothermal heating system, heat recovery with ground-water cooling (Balslev delivered the interfaces towards the central building management systemfor control and surveillance)
  • Solar energy from 20,000 silicon-based solar cells on 600m2 of the building's facade
  • Control system for a new type of energy efficient ventilation with supercooled air without any draught discomfort
  • Power supply from a high voltage system, plus backup power supply system with a diesel generator and UPS
  • Low-energy lighting with energy efficient light sources, adjusted by daylight and movement censors
  • Innovative and efficient server cooling solution, which integrates both the server rooms' partition walls and ground-water cooling
  • An open control and monitoring system based on industrial PLCs and SCADA, which, among other things, integrates systems for fire protection and admittance control, plus other intelligent building automation systems for controlling for e.g. comfort systems for light, heat, plumbing and cooling). The system also manages all energy data.
  • Data network with blown fibres and PDS cabling
  • CCTV surveillance system
  • Conference system
  • Lifts.

On the premises Widex also has installed their own windmill, which generate sufficient power to meet the electricity needs of 650 households, saving 1,900 tonnes of CO2.



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