Wave Dragon

Basic principles of operation

The basic idea of the Danish Wave Dragon wave energy converter is to use well-known and well-proven principles from traditional hydro power plants in an offshore floating platform.

In this type of wave energy converter two wave catching "arms" guide the waves towards a ramp, a socalled overtopping device, which the wave has to pass on their way into a large reservoir elevated above the surface of the sea.

The wave catching arms pushes the water up into the reservoir.

Energy utilisation

The accumulated water is let out of the reservoir through a number of hydro turbines, which transform the energy contained in the water into electricity. This is achieved by utilising the difference in height between the level in the reservoir and the surface of the sea to convert the water's energy into kinetic energy.

The consortium behind

Balslev was on of the partners which had an active part in the development of the Wave Dragon energy converter. We were responsible for the design of the high voltage power supply and the control system.

Read about the Wave Dragon project


The prototype for the Wave Dragon hydro power plant is designed by the Wave Dragon Consortium and is produced by MT Højgaard in Aalborg, Denmark.

  • The prototype is in the scale of 1:4.5
  • Width: 57 m
  • Weight: 261 t
  • Test area: Nissum Bredning, Denmark 


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