The Vejroe Project

The Vejroe Project - Renewable energy production plant

The main goal of the Project:
To convert the energy supply from diesel based power supply by an electric generator and oil burner based heating system to an electric generated power system. Electric power will be produced by photovoltaic panels and a wind turbine. The Vejroe Island has got the intension to be “green”, by using selfmade renewable energy. Producing electricity is a good way to respect nature and the environment. 
To estimate the total power consumption on Vejroe, Balslev has been working with a meas-uring system and the results will provide the best possible solution. The power consumption in wintertime is very low. In this period there are only a few people living on Vejroe. In the summertime the power consumption increases intensively, because of the peak in summertime activity.

Currently on the island:
Today energy is produced by a 180 kVA diesel generator – back-upped by a 170kVA emergency generator. Today these generators are used to ensure both energy systems, district heating and the electrical grid. During winter the low power load isn’t good for the diesel engines because of the risk of boiling and low energy utilisation and therefore the plant will require frequent service inspections.
Today the annual diesel costs is approximately 1 million DKK (134.000 Euros) for more than 146.000 liters of diesel.

A SCADA system has been installed to determine the total energy consumption on the island. The given data shows a huge quantity of heat loss from the district heating. The primary flow temperature in the district heating system is produced and maintained at 80°C but the return flow temperature have been measured to at approximately 50 ° C. The heat loss from production to consumption has been calculated to 83%.

The Project:
The project is to scale down the diesel genera-tors to an absolute minimum and produce the power needed by using renewable energy technologies.
On Vejroe it is expected to install:
- photovoltaic panels (40 kW)
- a wind turbine (25 kW)
- batteries for energy storage
(120/140 kWh)
The photovoltaic panels will be placed on the roof of an existing building such as the generator building which is south-facing. On a sunny day 400m2 of photovoltaic panels with a 30 degree slope will be optimal, to be able to produce
enough energy during daytime and still able to save some for consumption overnight.
The wind turbine has a nominal capacity of 25 kW and can be disconnected for maintenance and repairs. The wind turbine will be placed in open area and, where possible, be integrated into the landscape. In addition, the spot of the wind turbine will not impair the visibility of the lighthouse.
Battery storage will be used to provide energy overnight and when the production from PV and wind is too low. The sizing of the battery storage capacity is based on 30 kWh consumption at night for 8 hours. The battery storage system will be used on a daily basis, with one deep discharge and charging as a minimum. Lithiumion batteries are appropriate for this task. The capacity is finally chosen at 120/140 kWh.
Summer is the commercial activity period and the need for the heating system is no longer as necessary as in winter. In order to save energy in wintertime the hot water for district heating will be produced and transported at 40°C which is sufficient to provide a correct temperature in the houses. Electric water heaters will be added in the buildings to produce domestic hot water.

Cost of the project:
The total investment for photovoltaic panels, wind turbine, battery storage and auxiliary are calculated to about 2,0 mill. DKK.
According to the latest calculations, the repay-ment period for the project will be app. 3 years.

Over a year it’s 146 000 liters of diesel saved which equals approximately to 1 million DKK (134.000 Euros)
As 1 liter of diesel rejects 2.9kg of CO2 in the atmosphere, you save 423.000kg of CO2. That is equivalent to the emission of 62 danish people during one year.



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