University of Copenhagen Amager

Photo: Tom Jersø

Technically complex and architecturally whole project

Stage 2 of the construction project includes the Faculty of Humanities and the external university square. The subsequent stage 3 will house the Faculties of Law and Theology.   The project includes a thorough renovation of the older building stock on The University on Amager and only the bearing concrete structures will be re-used.  

Unique learning environment

The project which was in the pipeline for years is innovative in terms of which facilities the University should offer and how teaching, research and interdisciplinarity may be organized. Right from the start, these new ideas were incorporated into the basic structure and composition of the building. With this project, the University of Copenhagen on Amager will be much more integrated into Ørestad North and opens up toward that part of town.  

The Faculty Square will be the heart and center of the area and the idea is to create a social oasis where students from the various departments may meet, for academic and social purposes.  

The project architect is Arkitema and Balslev and EKJ A/S have participated as consulting engineers.  

Areas of responsibility

Balslev was responsible for a part of the plumbing project and the entire electrical project including the planning of the data network, telephony, communication and interlocking systems as well as the preparation of requirement specifications, drawings and budgets for IT infrastructure, anti-theft protection, video surveillance and access control, loudspeaker and voice warning systems.  



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