Søfryd Passive Houses - sustainable housing

KAB’s 62 bæredygtige, almene boliger i Måløv opføres som passivhuse med bl.a. solenergi, jordvarme og varmegenvinding.

Balslev has partnered with Jönsson A/S and JJW in a turnkey project and has built 56 sustainable flats in Måløv with solar energy, geothermal heating and heat recovery.

The 56 new affordable homes are built for Ballerup Ejendomsselskab (KAB) and represent stage 3 of the development of Søfryd, which has a palette of flats, each with an area ranging from 77 to 112 square metres. When selecting architecture, interior fixtures, building materials and installations, the project team had in mind not only the comfort and good indoor climate, but also sustainability and low energy consumption, as well as low installation and operating costs.Balslev is in charge of all engineering disciplines, including construction, building and environmental management.

A contributing factor as to why Ballerup Ejendomsselskab has chosen the project proposal of the team is that the housing area is designed as passive houses. This means that the energy consumption will be less than 15 kWh/m2 a year, which corresponds to "low energy class 0".The low energy consumption and the designation "passive house" are achieved by means of several measures:


  • Radial geothermal heating with heat pumps that save natural gas and thereby also CO2. A new method with slanted drilling is used. It makes it possible to utilize the geothermal heating much better than in the case of vertical drilling. A higher efficiency is also achieved.
  • Solar cells (60 m2) on the roof for electricity production
  • The heating is designed for natural gas, i.a. Genvex, and there is a condensing gas unit under each building as an alternative to a common district heating station. Hence, the heat losses and CO2 load are reduced, which results in annual natural gas savings of 50 m3. The heating plant allows the installation of district heating, if necessary, without the need for any reconstruction works. This way, the housing area approaches the objective of the Ballerup Municipality for CO2-netural building.
  • Energy-effective ventilation facilities with heat recovery and high efficiency in all flats
  • Optimised building envelope


The project proposal has also included other well-tried, sustainable measures with recognised effect such as penthouse facades with natural slates, which have long service life and require little maintenance.


Søfryd Passive Houses in Måløv with solar energy, geothermal heating and heat recovery.



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