Rødding Højskole

New Educational Building at Rødding Højskole Sets the Standard for the Educational Environment of the Future

In the new building of Denmark's oldest folk high school, Rødding Højskole, the architects Frank Maali and Gemma Lalanda together with Balslev have created an original and dynamic educational environment, which supports innovation and this way leads Rødding Højskole into the future.

By keeping the framework of the buildings and most of the old building elements from the farming epoch (among other things, the grain silos), the project team has managed to produce some of Denmark's most modern educational premises, which at the same time preserve a touch of history in Denmark's oldest folk high school.

The new educational premises have become an architectonic and inspiring experience of organic shapes that tickle one's curiosity. The focal point of the building is a large common room with a café area. It is from this point that the different educational premises separate. The first floor premises are connected by footbridges and have a connection to the meeting points in the old grain silos.

All Education under one Roof

With the new educational building, all Rødding Højskole's main subjects are gathered under one roof for the first time. Be it politics, journalism, design or music - you can find it all here. This means that students will have entirely new opportunities to work together across different disciplines and this will really make life in the building more intensive.

This is seen in the architectonic pattern of the building, in which the ample use of glass makes the building transparent. The students can follow each other's work all the time. They can be inspired and share each other's project ideas. This can be clearly seen in the design students' new premises with unobstructed view of three rooms thanks to the glass walls.

A Milestone for Rødding Højskole

The renovation of these buildings also marks a milestone in the rebirth of Rødding Højskole, which started in 2007. This rebirth lies in the hands of a committed management team with innovative thinking, who has been strongly supported by the local community of Rødding Højskole. But this will not be the last renovation at the folk high school. The next projects for renovation of outdoor spaces, the student wing and the school's old main building are already in progress.





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