Oslo Airport, Gardermoen

Project engineering in connction of the electrical installations on the runways

From 1994-1998 Balslev designed and specified all outdoor electrical installations on the runways. We handled project engineering, contracting and supervision on:

  • Lighting for approach, runway and taxiways (in total approx. 7,000 fittings)
  • Plane lead-in lighting
  • System for adjustment, remote control and monitoring of all runway lighting
  • Docking guidance system for 34 gates, 230/400V system, incl. transformer substations with backup power supply - diesel generator and uninterruptible power supply (UPS) - for the entire runway area.

Eco-friendly airport

The entire Gardermoen Airport was designed and built from a philosophy with strong focus on environmental concern, and it is operated in a way that minimises the negative consequences for its surroundings. Environmental concern are incorporated into the planning, construction and operation of the airport on equal terms with functional, technical and economic considerations.

On the Gardermoen project Balslev worked together with the engineering company ALFACON under the name: AB-KON.




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