Cathodic protection of natural gas pipeline for

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Balslev projekterer katodisk korrosionsbeskyttelse af naturgasledning for

Balslev is to design a system for cathodic corrosion protection of an upcoming natural gas pipeline in Southern Jutland for

Along with the decreasing production of natural gas from the Danish part of the North Sea, the need for import of natural gas from Germany increases. To ensure maximum flexibility in the Danish gas distribution grid,, who is responsible for the distribution of electricity and gas in Denmark, invests in additional distribution infrastructure in the Southern part of Jutland.The extension of the gas transmission grid serves several purposes:

  • It ensures the future gas supply to Danish and Swedish consumers
  • It enhances the security of supply from several sources and suppliers
  • It increases the competition in the gas market, enabling the consumers to obtain better prices.

Balslev is to design cathodic corrosion protection of the new pipeline for natural gas as sub-contractor to COWI, who are lead consultants on the extension.

Electro-chemical corrosion protection

"The new 750 mm natural gas pipeline will be located in a transport corridor, also hosting 150 kV og 400 kV high voltage cables. The surface of the steel gas pipeline is protected with extruded polyethylene (PE), which acts as passive corrosion protection. The proximity to the high voltage cables and the location 10 m from the existing gas pipeline pose additional demands on the corrosion protection in order to obtain a max. level of A/C current on the surface of the pipeline," Balslev's project manager Linding Kristensen emphasizes. ”We have therefore chosen a solution comprising 4 units with electro-chemical corrosion protection located for each approx. 25 km gas pipe."

Pipeline integrity calculations and earthing system

As part of the conceptual design, Balslev also performs pripline integrity calculations in order to eliminate the risk of hazardous touch voltage and accelerated corrosion, which occurs, when metallic structures such as pipelines, cables and communication wires are placed in the proximity of high voltage cables. The cathodic protection systems are positioned in a way so that the risk of interference with nearby unrelated metallic structures is avoided.

In addition, some of the natural gas pipelines will be equipped with earthing systems. The pipelines will also be monitored with regards to sunspot activity (tellurgical activity), which can influence on the pipelines' surface tension and not only lead to accelerated corrosion but, worst case, also disable the nearby hign voltage systems.

The new 94 km long Ellund-Egtved natural gas pipe in Southern Jutland, Denmark, will be placed in parallel with the existing pipeline, thereby increasing the capacity to a total of 700,000 m3 natural gas per hour from Germany.





Intelligent ER corrosion probes with online monitoring from MetriCorr

In order to detect beginning corrosion as early as possible, we will also install a system for online monitoring of corrosion from Balslev's subsidiary MetriCorr

The monitoring system's intelligent ER corrosion probes will measure any eventual loss of material on the pipeline on a continuous basis, and transmit the measurements by e-mail to the operation manager at

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