Copenhagen Airports, intelligent building installations

Finger West

Intelligent Building automation

Balslev designed and specified intelligent building automation and was in charge of the integration of the associated nodes Copenhagen Airports.

The technology

The building automation system, which is installed in Finger West, covers a total of 27,000 m2, comprising offices, hallways, meeting rooms, lounges and VIP-rooms. The system automatically controls and operates the electrical lighting in selected areas of Finger West plus the solar screens.

The light is controlled and adjusted by the use of daylight sensors, movement detectors and power switches.

A centrally located computer can be connected to gather information from the individual nodes for later registration and calculation, and thereby contribute to the optimisation of the operation and maintenance. 

Balslev's services:

  • Feasibility studies
  • Specification requirements (user and functional requirements)
  • Preparation of tender documents
  • Configuration of nodes 
  • Test installation and commissioning
  • Evaluation
  • Selection of network (routers, backbone-network, repeaters)
  • Selection of components - sensors (temperature, humidity, movement and lighting), circuit breakers, constant light control, light adjustment, solar screens.


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