Bellahøj Swimming Arena

Foto: Arkitema/Lars Gundersen

With the extension and transformation of the Bellahøj Outdoor Swimming Pool Copenhagen now has got its first indoor swimming arena, which meets the requirements for both leisure activities and international competitions

The new Bellahøj Swimming Arena, inaugurated in 2009, has room for an indoor 50 m pool, a diving pool, room for 1,000 spectators, all facilities for spectators, dressing rooms, training, club, personnel and technical areas, plus a cafe. The outdoor area was also rebuilt into a modulated park landscape, hosting the existing 2 open-air pools, a new children's pool and recreational areas, where people can enjoy the sun, do their homework etc.

As part of the project, Balslev was in charge of many engineering assignments, including:

  • Unique, low energy lighting with a high level of efficiency and at the same time a fine colour representation
  • Thanks to the light sources' substantial number of operational hours it was possible to choose fittings such as the suspended drop lights over the pools, and still keep the operational costs on a sensible level
  • Fittings were carelully selected to ensure that they can cope with the humid, chloride-containing environment
  • Intelligent lighting, automatically controlled and adjusted by use of daylight and movement sensors
  • Dynamic LED-facade lights which change colour to highlight the architecture
  • Project engineering of all power supply systems
  • Project engineering of time recording equipment with information boards, which are also able to transmit live video
  • Project engineering of cathodic protection of the pool's wire reinforcement
  • Combined electrical and CO2 controlled fire ventilation, suitable for skylights and a humid indoor climate.

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