Balslev partners up on large development project in Nordhavnen


Nordhavnen is Scandinavia's largest urban development project. In the course of the next 50 years, Nordhavnen will develop into a sustainable urban area with 40,000 new inhabitants and 40,000 new workplaces. Nordhavnen will spearhead the realisation of Copenhagen's ambitious objective of becoming the world's first climate neutral capital.

Nordhavnen in Copenhagen is set to become an international laboratory and showroom for Danish energy technology and serve as a showpiece for the future's energy solutions in the area of electricity, heating and transport.

EUDP (the Energy Technological Development and Demonstration Programme) has decided to give the EnergyLab Nordhavn research and demonstration project a grant. The project consortium led by the Technical University of Denmark (DTU) intends to show how electricity and heating, energy efficient buildings and electric transport can be integrated into an intelligent optimised energy system.  

The project will demonstrate the implementation of an effective changeover of the energy system so that it integrates and takes optimum advantage of renewable energy.

The project has a budget of DKK 129 millions, DKK 77 million of which constitute a grant from EUDP. This is the first time such different types of supply are integrated into a project of such magnitude, with the participation of relevant representatives of public authorities, utility companies, industry and knowledge institutions.

The project is supported by DTU, which spearheads a consortium that counts the Municipality of Copenhagen, HOFOR, DONG Energy, By & Havn, ABB, Balslev, Clean Charge, METRO THERM, Glen Dimplex and PowerLab amongst its members.

"EnergyLab Nordhavn enables us as consulting engineers to bring into play knowledge from all of our business areas - from automation solutions and energy flexibility to energy savings and low-energy construction - which is also the reason why we look forward to the project so much. At the same time, Balslev is currently working on a specific construction project in Nordhavnen and is very well acquainted with the area and its qualities and features. The Nordhavnen project is an ambitious project which can hopefully generate new solutions that can be applied all over the world, thereby contributing to solving some of the global climate challenges we are facing today," says Bo Memhave, CEO of Balslev Consulting Engineers.

Effective Energy System Changeover

The purpose of EnergiLab Nordhavn is to develop innovative business models, new energy technologies and intelligent operating solutions, including integrated and flexible energy markets, coordinated operation of the electricity and heating systems, energy storage and low-energy buildings which are optimised here and now to the energy markets as well as technologies that can flexibly switch from one energy source to another.

"Researchers, companies and authorities will work closely together at EnergyLab Nordhavn to bring the newest available knowledge into play. The project will not be important only for ensuring an effective changeover of the energy system but will also form a basis for business development and utilisation of DTU's and Denmark's leading international position in the area of intelligent energy solutions for the benefit of companies, society and the environment," says DTU's President, Anders Bjarklev.

The solutions could be used in the global sustainable, densely populated low-energy cities of the future.

"If we are to take advantage of Denmark's position of strength in the area of intelligent energy solutions, we need large-scale demonstration projects like EnergyLab Nordhavn where we can test and modify the solutions in real life. We expect that the project will lead to new patentable products and attract companies working in the area of energy technology. We also expect that EnergyLab Nordhavn will make Copenhagen and Nordhavnen visible at international level and promote Danish energy solutions globally," says Torkil Bentzen, chairman of EUDP.

Participants in the project

DTU, Copenhagen Municipality, HOFOR, DONG Energy, By & Havn, ABB, Balslev, Clean Charge, METRO THERM, Glen Dimplex and PowerLab. In addition, the CLEAN cluster organisation will contribute by involving, in particular, small and medium Danish enterprises that can take advantage of EnergyLab Nordhavn in their technological and business development.



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