• Søfryd sustainable houses

    Søfryd sustainable houses received an environment award for the visionary approach to energy challenges which can serve as inspiration for future projects. 

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  • University of Copenhagen Amager

    In a technically complex and architecturally whole project, the team has created an optimal framework for learning in higher education.  

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  • PowerLabDK

    The entire electrotechnical business now has a unique experimental platform called PowerLab DK at DTU. Students, researchers and not least the electrotechnical industry are now able to develop, test and demonstrate SmartGrid technologies for the intelligent electrical systems of the future. 

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The Vejroe (Vejrø) Project

The project is to scale down the diesel generators to an absolute minimum and produce the power needed by using renewable energy technologies.

Project Reference

In short - EnergyLab Nordhavn

Project Manager Morten Herget Christensen, Balslev Consulting Engineers A/S, explains - in danish - why the project EnergyLab Nordhavn is an extraordinary project.

See video - in danish


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