Security systems

Balslev projekterer alle typer sikringsanlæg for brand, indbrud, adgangskontrol, tv-overvågning og personer

Balslev design and specify all types of security systems for fire protection, burglary alarm, access control, CCTV (Closed Circuit TV) and people. We also participate in standardisation work and organise courses in fire engineering.

Security systems that protect against fire, warn about intruders etc. are first and foremost installed to safeguard people and valuables. In many cases such systems are mandatory in order to meet legal requirements. In some instances systems are installed on the request from the insurance company when insurance policies are taken out.

The industry dealing with security systems is goverened and influenced by a number of codes of practices, standards and guidelines with regards to engineering and implementation. Balslev possess substantial experience and wide competencies within consultancy, design, engineering and implementation at all levels in the following types of security systems which are described in more detail on the these pages:

Standardisation work and courses in fire engineering

We also participate in code of practice and standardisation work for e.g. burglary alarm and fire protection systems, and are therefore involved in creating the overall framework for the security industry.

In addition, we organise regular courses in fire protection systems plus engineering and implementation of fire alarm systems.

Integrated network-based security systems

Network solutions are typically the driving force when new security systems are developed. For the daily users, this means that different types of security systems are becoming more integrated and provides a more uniform user interface with a better overview. As a consequence, Balslev's specialists in security systems and in IT and Communication co-operate closely in many projects.

For all application areas

We design security systems for all types of buildings, e.g:

  • Banks
  • Hospitals
  • Facilities for sport, leisure and cultrual activities
  • Education
  • Pharmaceutical industry
  • Production and storage
  • Office administration buildings
  • Telecommunication companies
  • Oil and gas sector
  • Defence installations
  • Airports
  • Churches
  • Residential housing

Certificated Security Managers

Balslev's staff includes employees specialised in security, who have completed training as Certificated Security Managers at NUSA, the Nordic security and alarm technology education centre owned by the Danish Institute of Fire and Security Technology. The training includes:

  • Security management
  • Security
  • Fire prevention
  • Risk management
  • Information security
  • Environmental management.

This means that the technical fire and security consultancy we provide is based on the latest knowledge and meets future requirements.

Bo Albin Hansen

Project engineer., Building automatics, Fire

T +45 7217 7417



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