Communication & IT

Flexibility and future proofing are key words, when we deliver communication and IT-solutions based on the most recent network and computer technology

Most of the projects that Balslev implements for our customers includes some kind of IT-network. Together with our customers we carefully consider the design of the it-infrastructure, as it has to be future-proof and offer a considerable level of flexibility in order to cope with the rapidly developing technology and way of using the iIT-nfrastructure.

More and more components are equipped with an Internet IP-address, and many systems are now wireless. Today, items are typically designed according to given bandwidth requirements rather than the number of conductors in a specific communication cable.

From many dedicated networks to one common IP-network

Long term we are likely to reach a situation with one common IP-infrastructure only, which will be a combination of cabled and wireless systems - and which serves as one common platform instead of the wide range of proprietary network types known today. In other words: We will get one common, all-in-one IP-network.

Consequently, Balslev regards communication and IT as a cross-functional competence area. Our IT-specialists take part in project teams which handle a wide range of IT-based systems and applications:

With to our cross-functional way of working we keep a sharp focus on the interfaces between different systems, as these interfaces are critical success factors to ensure that the individual systems function correctly according to the customer's demands. By doing so we make sure that our projects are implemented in due time without any unforeseen costs or delays.


  • Client consulting
  • System analyses and design
  • Budget optimisation
  • Selection of infrastructure incl. review of the advantages and disadvantages of different types
  • Implementation of turnkey projects
  • Tender retrieval and quotations
  • Review of quotations
  • Project management
  • Planning of service and maintenance
  • Inspections.


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