A diverse workplace with professional sparring and career opportunities

At Balslev we prioritise the well-being of our employees. People respect each other and there is a good spirit. There is room for diversity and versatility. Many of our employees have stayed with us for many years. New employees immediately feel the relaxed atmosphere. The staff is keen and committed, and express great job satisfaction - an excellent mix for the benefit of everyone, making Balslev a unique place to work.

The professional working environment

Knowledge and experience are Balslev's most important assets. Our employees often and willingly share their professional expertise with colleagues, customers and partners. A good professional debate is always welcome, and we often challenge each other. If you need someone to exchange ideas with when looking for a soluion to a specific problem for a customer, you can always find a colleague with the right knowledge and experience in this professional working environment.

People's doors are always open. Our competences are kept up to date by regular training and competence development, and through participation in numerous projects we constantly gain new insight, learn about new methods and gather experience, which we share internally.

Career opportunities

As an engineer you can choose between several different career paths at Balslev:

  • As a generalist you provide consulting services for a long list of customers with various roles and responsibilities, ranging from technical engineering to administration and project management.
  • As a specialist you handle specific technical competence area, which you on the other hand mastered at a very high professional level. Our specialist contributes with their deep technical knowledge and experienct to those projects in need of these particular professional competencies. A specialist can also be responsible for a specific sector or group of customers, or fill a role as a functional manager.
  • As functional manager you are the person at Balslev who stays on top of developments and the latest knowledge within your field and shares this with your colleagues.

Social events

In Balslev's nearly 80-year-old history social relations have always played a significant role in creating our special 'company spirit'.  After work we meet colleagues from other departments at e.g. badminton, wine club, running and organised events.

Senior club

Why miss the socializing with good colleagues and the company spirit just because you have reached a certain age and have to retire?

In 1998 some of the retired employees took the initiative to establish Balslev's Senior club, where about 40 members meet on a regular basis for cultural events - not to mention the happy reunions when visiting Balslev and getting updated on the latest news.



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