Why choose Balslev?

Innovative, sustainable and profitable solutions are some of the reasons why many customers choose Balslev - time and time again. But there are many other good reasons for working with us.

According to our customers and employees, these are some of the special characteristics of Balslev:


  • Substantial specialist knowledge, broad competencies and long, solid experience within many areas
  • Besides fulfilling our specific, agreed assignments, we also share our experience and offer advice when we come across other topics, where we can contribute with ideas or solutions
  • We listen carefully to our customers and their requirements
  • As the client's extended arm, we provide supplier independent advice and solutions
  • Strong, long-term customer relations and deep insight into the customers' own systems
  • User-driven solutions, thanks to a close dialogue with users right from the very beginning
  • Excellent co-operation and coordination with other consultants, architects, contractors and suppliers
  • We propose and design sustainable, holistic and future-proof solutions - and are not afraid to engage in discussions with the client to reach the optimum solution
  • Fully capable of developing solutions as well as managing processes
  • It is not about size  - it's about commitment
  • We work equally committed on both small and large projects.

Want to learn more about us?

Visit the web sections about our:

Here you will also find contact details for our many specialists.

Examples of our solutions are presented in the Projects section.

Contact us to hear how we can contribute to your project



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