Health, safety and environment

Hensyn til sikkerhed og miljø indgår som en del af Balslevs kvalitetsstyringssystem

Besides the technical aspects, our focus on safety is paramount. A key indication of a project's success is when no work related accidents or incidents have occured.

In order to construct and hand over a building, a system or a plant to the client without any work related safety incidents, accidents or near misses, we cannot just rely on luck.  A safe working environment requires both precise planning of the different processes, a generally high safety awareness and constant follow-up at building sites, industrial plants, railways plus other sites and work locations.

It is not enough to possess solid experience in managing safety at building sites. As new procedures and building materials emerge on the market, it is necessary to continually update the individual project manager's and construction manager's skills. Balslev ensure this through internal and external courses plus knowledge sharing.

When we manage projects for customers in areas with special safety requirements like e.g. railways, airports and in the oil/gas industry, our employees participate in relevant safety courses. And many employees attend regular, legally required safety courses, e.g. in areas related to power supply.

Several Balslev employees are trained safety co-ordinators, and more will continuously be trained.  

Environmental management and quality control

Sustainability and environmental concern are also key elements in Balslev's quality control system, which describes how we continually document quality control and environmental management throughout the entire project.

John Wellendorph

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Risk management in hazardous areas

We also assist companies working with flammable materials in risk assessment, area classification, documentation and training of employees in order to comply with the requirements of the EU's ATEX-directive.



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